We Are All A Work in Progress

Pernille Ripp


Sometimes I am asked if other educators can come to our classroom, just to see.  Just to visit, just to speak to our incredible students.  Sometimes I am asked when would be a good time for such a visit.  When will our classroom be ready.  Never, I think to myself.  Right now, I think to myself.  Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or maybe the last day of school.

Because there is no day that is perfect in our classrooms.  There is no lasting moment when we feel we have mastered this year or mastered our content.  There is no point in the year when we know that from here on out all will be right, all will work, all will be figured out.  There is always more work to do.  Moment filled with greatness only to once again be faced with the truth that we still have so much to…

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