Words & Mindsets Matter: A Heartfelt Request For April (And Beyond)

Autism Acceptance: A New Era Commences 🙂

Aspiring Ally

“Mom, it really hurts when people say such negative things about autism. Do they even care about how Autistic people feel?!”

I’m not a blogger, but these words (and encouragement) from my impressionable young daughter were enough to compel me to register with WordPress for one post  — just in time for April, the month in which autism tends to be the talk of the town.

Between the World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd and the recognition of “Autism Awareness Month,” April brings an inevitable flood of blue lights, puzzle pieces, theories about possible causes of autism, and stories from parents.

April can provide some good opportunities for people to learn more about autism, but unfortunately, it can also be a time for harmful stereotypes, misinformation, pity, and fear to gain traction.

As a neurotypical parent raising an Autistic child, I am so grateful to the many Autistic young people and adults who are willing…

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