Autism and its Allies…

Freeing The Dragon

Doll children background design with autism wordI know that I’m a week late for Autism AwarenessDay, but timekeeping is not my forte, so sorry for my tardiness. Actually, I am not all that sorry because I think autism needs as much exposure as possible, so the disorganised dyslexics/dyspraxics among us, can help by padding it out for the entire month. I’ll start by trying to explain what autism is. This is a complicated undertaking that doesn’t yield a straightforward answer. Generally speaking, autism is complex and multi-faceted developmental condition that can be defined through impairments that fall into the following areas.areas
Like with dyslexia, dyspraxia or similar neuro-diverse condition, the spectrum part of autism can range from mild to very severe. Before the 2013 revision of the DSM-5 ‘Asperger’s syndrome’ was the term given to describe more mild forms of autism that didn’t impede language development. It served to distinguish between the mildest and severest forms…

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