I’m a Pro-Neurodiversity Advocate. Here’s What Our Critics Never Get Right But Don’t Seem to Care About, Either.

What do *you* think? 🙂

Autistic Academic

I think it’s great that people want to analyze the neurodiversity movement.  But sometimes they open their mouths without knowing a damn thing about the subject.

[Author’s Note: In the seven days since this post was published, an astonishing number of people have crawled out of the woodwork to argue against the aims of the neurodiversity movement…without understanding what the aims of the neurodiversity movement are.   Those comments have been summarily deleted.

All commenters are reminded to acquaint themselves with this blog’s Comments Policy before commenting on this or any other post.]

There’s a piece by Gwendolyn Kansen in Pacific Standard called “I’m High-Functioning Autistic.  Here’s What the Neurodiversity Movement Gets Wrong About Autism.” [link is to pdf]

Like every other anti-neurodiversity-movement piece I have read to date, this one gets the fundamentals of the neurodiversity movement very, very wrong.  So wrong that it doesn’t even function as…

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