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Yes, yes, yes! This is what we have been saying – and tried to embody within the Autism / Neurodiversity Manifesto: http://www.neurodiversitymanifesto.com & facebook.com/LPANDmanifesto/ 🙂


(Image from http://7bna.net)


I find myself embroiled in a conflict between disability and difference. Add to that the political climate that we are in and I’m here, wanting to shout. I must have more self-belief and stop being embarrassed about having an opinion. I am an intelligent adult after all, not only that, I am an self-identified autistic adult, parent, and teacher, I see things as if looking through a kaleidoscope.

The Merton news of taking Autism diagnosis away from the CAMHs service has caused uproar, and rightly so, but take a look at your own local pathways, how long is the wait for assessment? Will they see those over 11? How about those over 35? Are local services being reduced or quietly disappearing altogether?

The message:
Services cannot cope. The NHS and schools are underfunded.
Politically Brexit was going to save the NHS, Academisation was going to save…

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