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Autistic Demand Avoidance vs Pathological Demand Avoidance

Riko's blog: PDA and more.

Autistic Demand Avoidance vs Pathological Demand Avoidance (ADA vs PDA).

Many people experience Demand Avoidance (DA), usually in regards to things like filling in tax forms or buying new furniture. People may leave these things to the last minute then panic and sort it in a rush. Every person on the planet will avoid at least one thing in their lifetime. For some neurotypes though, DA is more prevalent. Neurology, environment, experience can all contribute to the amount of DA a person experiences.

Autistic people are more likely to experience DA than neurotypical people due to heightened sensitivities, misunderstanding general societal rules and possible mismanagement. For autistics, the world can go against them and so they are left feeling anxious and scared about many things. Even when treated in the best way possible the autistic may still experience DA from various sensitivities, such as avoiding wearing socks due to them…

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The constant conflict between Autism and PDA

Riko's blog: PDA and more.

PDA is Autism. We have all the usual Autism traits, preferences and needs but with a PDA twist. This means many of the usual Autism traits are skewered to form our PDA traits. Often our autistic needs are at constant war with our PDA needs. A good example is in this meme (credit goes to Sally Cat, here’s a link to her facebook page – Sally Cat’s PDA Page )

FB_IMG_1513597244466 Meme is a picture of a woman split in half from the top down.

Sally Cat’s guide to PDA

Routine & PDA

The Autistic part of me craves Routine.

The PDA part of me hates it.

As a result, I only like Routine I have chosen.

It sometimes feels like I’m splitting myself in half!

The PDA and the Autistic parts of myself are always at war.

The Autistic side wants to do things in order and the ‘correct’ way…

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Meet the campaigners and storytellers making equality for disabled people a reality

(Plus I love Carly’s Autistic Girl Power t-shirt)
Changing the paradigm 🤗

Scope's Blog

Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). The theme this year is “Transformation towards a sustainable and resilient society for all” and the UN agenda pledges to “leave no one behind”. But far too often, disabled people are left behind and it doesn’t feel like our society really is working for all.

Scope’s new strategy is focused on everyday equality but we can’t do it alone – it requires a collective effort of everyone working together. On IDPD, we’re highlighting some of the amazing campaigners and storytellers we’ve been working with this year.

Shani is tackling extra costs

From expensive equipment to higher energy bills, disabled people and their families pay more for everyday essentials. Support to meet these costs, such as Personal Independent Payments, often falls short. When you face so many extra costs, it can stop you from being able to go out and do things…

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