The constant conflict between Autism and PDA

Riko's blog: PDA and more.

PDA is Autism. We have all the usual Autism traits, preferences and needs but with a PDA twist. This means many of the usual Autism traits are skewered to form our PDA traits. Often our autistic needs are at constant war with our PDA needs. A good example is in this meme (credit goes to Sally Cat, here’s a link to her facebook page – Sally Cat’s PDA Page )

FB_IMG_1513597244466 Meme is a picture of a woman split in half from the top down.

Sally Cat’s guide to PDA

Routine & PDA

The Autistic part of me craves Routine.

The PDA part of me hates it.

As a result, I only like Routine I have chosen.

It sometimes feels like I’m splitting myself in half!

The PDA and the Autistic parts of myself are always at war.

The Autistic side wants to do things in order and the ‘correct’ way…

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