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Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in… (PDF Download Available)

“Findings – Nearlyhalf(46percent)oftheABA-exposedrespondentsmetthediagnosticthresholdforPTSD, andextremelevelsofseveritywererecordedin47percentoftheaffectedsubgroup.Respondentsofallages whowereexposedtoABAwere86percentmorelikelytomeetthePTSDcriteriathanrespondentswhowere not exposed to ABA. Adults and children both had increased chances (41 and 130 percent, respectively) of meeting the PTSD criteria if they were exposed to ABA. Both adults and children without ABA exposure had a 72 percent chance of reporting no PTSS (see Figure 1). At the time of the study, 41 percent of the caregivers reported using ABA-based interventions. “

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Full-Text Paper (PDF): Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied behavior analysis

Source: Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in… (PDF Download Available)

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I won’t be the ‘tame autistic’ – The need for real Autistic involvement not just ticking a box


I was asked to speak at an autism event last year. The organisation hosting it told me they have one presentation on autism each year and it was a great privilege to be asked to speak there. I prepared my talk and travelled to the town the talk was in. The neurotypical organiser asked me something I have never been asked before and hope never to be again. They said ‘so what are you going to wear tomorrow Jeanette?’ I was very tempted to say I would be naked due to my respect and love for nature but restrained myself. At the talk the same person asked my how to ‘manage militant politically correct autism activists?’ I suggested that listening to them was probably the best idea given the way things are now and that those who attack ‘political correctness’ are more of a worry as they are essentially fighting…

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