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Why the Labour Party Autism Neurodiversity Manifesto includes an Appendix on ABA – please see on our website Annie 😊

International Badass Activists

ABA is Heart-breaking:
BBC4 (Iplayer) programme on ABA
‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’

On 27th February, BBC 4 repeated ‘Autism: Challenging Behaviour’ which explored the controversies around ABA and looked at views of people in favour of ABA (such as parents and ABA therapists and staff) and those against ABA (such as academics, psychologists and teachers). Whilst it is no longer available on iplayer, there is a live link below. The programme features include an independent ABA therapist and Treetops, the first ABA school in England.

We think it is reasonable that a child’s educational experience should strive to make them feel safe, accepted and competent, regardless of neurology. Part of this is for a child to feel the adults around understand them.

Even if you only have the chance to watch the first few minutes, we think the start…

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