It took me 32 years to get a diagnosis. Why is autism in girls still overlooked?

On International Women’s Day 2017! 🙂

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Carly is an Autism advocate, filmmaker and speaker. She wasn’t diagnosed with autism until she was 32, after two of her daughters were diagnosed. She found it a battle to get a diagnosis and started to notice a lack of understanding and resources when it came to autism and girls.

For International Women’s Day, she shares her journey and talks about why we need to start recognising and supporting autistic women and girls. 

Growing up feeling different

My earliest memory is being the kid that couldn’t go to preschool without my mum staying. My mum actually got a job at the preschool so I would go! I remember it seeming very noisy and busy. All the kids were playing but I wasn’t. Then when I started school that didn’t change. I remember feeling very different then and things got even harder in secondary school. I was really anxious. I started realising that I never got invited to birthday parties…

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1 thought on “It took me 32 years to get a diagnosis. Why is autism in girls still overlooked?

  1. This is very similar to how I felt about my Dyslexia diagnosis at 38yo…I still don’t get why people can’t understand how getting this diagnosis has been a good thing. Alot of people think I want their sympathy or that I’m telling them to get attention. I have no idea why they think this…I’m not upset by the diagnosis, I’m comforted, because knowing why I find some things challenging, means that I can now build strategies that make them easier. How can that be upsetting?

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